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ACEAジャパン 認定コーチ紹介

We would love to come alongside you through coaching! We have expertise helping people reach their life and career goals.


Christian Joon Kim (“Joon”)

Born in Seoul, Korea, Joon and his family moved to Chile, South America, for his father’s business when he was in high school. After graduating from high school in Chile, Joon moved to the U.S. for college. Soon after, his family also immigrated to New York. Joon has degrees from New York Univ. (Psychology), Columbia Univ. (M.ED., International Educational Development), and Princeton Theological Seminary (MDiv.). Joon worked for many years with NPO’s (non-profits) in New York/New Jersey, which also involved serving in South America, Africa, and Eastern Europe. He moved to Fukuoka, Japan, in 2017 with his wife (Rie) and son (Noah). Certified coach with Creative Results Management (CRM). Languages
Korean (native), English (advanced), Spanish (intermediate), Japanese (intermediate, JLPT-N2)

Dr. Rie Manabe-Kim

Born in Fukuoka, Japan, Rie and her family moved to Scotland for her father’s business when she was seven. She completed her education through high school in Scotland, then entered Keio University in Tokyo. After graduation, Rie worked as an IT engineer for IBM for six years. She subsequently earned a doctorate degree in Intercultural Studies from Fuller Graduate School. Since graduation she has coached language and culture learning to students of Azusa Pacific University who are serving in NPOs among the urban poor in developing countries. Lived in California for eight years, greater New York area for five years, and moved to Fukuoka in 2017 with her husband (Joon) and son (Noah). She is a certified coach with ACEA, and an associate facilitator of a business consultation curriculum, JDIN method.
Japanese (native), English (advanced), Korean (intermediate/advanced), Chinese (beginner)


ResidenceFukuoka, Japan
Session formatsFace-to-Face
• One-on-one
• Groups
• Workshops

Other one-on-one or group platforms:
• Phone
• Skype
• Zoom, etc.
FeesExperience Live Coaching (1 hour) — free (one time only)
Ongoing coaching — ¥10,000-30,000/mo. ※
※Each session is 60 or 90 minutes, and price depends on the themes and goals of the coachee. Transportation fees, etc. are not included.

Feel free to discuss pricing and frequency of coaching sessions with us. For those with financial difficulty, let us know.
Coaching Themes●Life coaching
Setting and reaching for your life goals.

●Business coaching
Coaching and seminars for businesses, NPOs and schools. We work with other business coaching professionals to provide high quality coaching and seminars. For details, check JDIN method (Website in Japanese, but ask us for translations).

●Foreign language learning
Preparation for taking foreign language exams efficiently. Improving your pronunciation and listening skills. Learning global English (not only British and American English) but also Indian English, Singaporean English, etc. Multi cultural team communication, career designing, bi-lingual and multilingual education, studying and working abroad, cross-cultural communication, international marriages, culture shock, cross-cultural adaptation, etc.

Our Typical Client Profile

We welcome clients with any kind of coaching theme. However, we have special experience and expertise in coaching people with intercultural communication themes such as:

  • Learning foreign language(s)
  • Doing international business with Japan
  • Communication for international or inter-racial couples
  • Bilingual and multi-lingual education
  • Learning global English
  • Passing foreign language exams
  • Leadership in multicultural and multi-ethnic teams
  • Learn Japanese language and culture
  • Foreigners living in Japan who want to build careers in Japan
  • Japanese living abroad
  • Overcome reverse cross culture shock

Our Coaching Story

▼ How we started to coach

In 2016, Rie and I received coaching from a certified coach with Creative Results Management (CRM). At that time we were in a critical time for making decisions about the future. Through the coaching we received, our life objectives, plans and mission became clear, and we experienced first-hand the benefit of coaching. Through that positive experience in coaching, in 2017 I received coaching from CRM and became a CRM certified coach. I coach a diverse range of clients: foreigners living in Japan, Koreans living abroad, Americans, and Japanese.

In 2013 I was teaching language acquisition and cross-cultural communications to college students. During that time, I utilized coaching techniques and through coaching, in two years almost all the students reached intermediate to advanced level in their target languages and acquired the mental skills to overcome difficult cross cultural situations. The coaching paradigm produced stunning results! I coached people residing in India, Japan, USA, Brazil, China, Kenya, Mozambique, Thai, and the Philippines to learn these languages: Hindi, Mandarin, English, Japanese, Marathi, Bangla, Portuguese, Spanish, Tagalog, Thai, and Swahili.

▼ Our Values

“敬天愛人”(kei-ten-aijin) This is an Asian proverb meaning “respect heaven, love your neighbors.” The famous Japanese samurai Saigo Takamori liked this proverb.

Every person and country is created in love, and we find true meaning in life as we love our neighbors and other cultures as we love ourselves and our own cultures.


“Before receiving coaching, I was looking back rather than advancing forward, and I was not able to invest my time and effort well. During coaching sessions, however, I was able to say what I wanted to say without being hindered, and I felt that encouraged me to take my first step toward being able to invest more time to myself. Your coaching was a great support for me to engage with myself. Thank you for your support.”
— Japanese female, 30s; personal life coaching

“I just wanted to say, thank you! Thank you so much for your unconditional support and deep care for each and every one of us. Thank you for being one of the few willing to listen to us in the midst of those hard experiences. Thank you for your patience and understanding, for being one of few listening ears in the midst of this crazy life.”
— American female in her 20s, working to transform urban poor communities; group coaching for language-culture acquisition

“You have done such a wonderful job in trying to bring a common ground for learning language despite the difficulties of all the languages we are learning. I appreciated your willingness to give feedback and make modifications throughout the course, showing that you are a flexible and willing facilitator. Your style and feedback is greatly appreciated.”
— American male in his 20s, working to transform urban poor communities; group coaching for language-culture acquisition




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